Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Rising drug war Kaspersky million reward

Foreign and domestic anti-virus software vendor Kaspersky anti-virus software vendors between Rising "manslaughter" incident escalation. Yesterday, Rising lawyers issued a statement the company, said that already know a lot of conclusive evidence that the gunman repeatedly Kaspersky employed Forum Rising malicious slander the company, alleged violations of "The People's Republic of China Against Unfair Competition Law," and offering a reward of 1 million collected more more evidence on the Kaspersky company international prosecution. Kaspersky said the company did not respond to the incident.

According to industry sources, the incident reflected the domestic anti-virus software market, highly competitive, in order to achieve a commercial purpose, there are companies against each other undesirable phenomena.

Rising: Kaspersky defamation

Rising newspaper in a statement issued yesterday said that since the September 2006 date, the company employed more than Kaspersky forum, blog media company and a large number of forums gunmen (including part of the forum moderators and webmaster), impersonate the user name, by exaggerating the Kaspersky product features, and declared that "Rising product unusable," "can not find the virus," and so wantonly slandered Rising brand and product image, to mislead and deceive the public, and caused the company to the Rising The adverse social impact of serious violations of the Rising legitimate rights and interests of the company's goodwill, the company has seriously affected the normal operation of Rising and caused huge economic losses. Kaspersky companies such acts have been alleged violations of "The People's Republic of China Against Unfair Competition Law," and constitutes defamation. Meanwhile, the Rising company also faxed to the newspaper part of the evidence at their disposal a sample.

Meanwhile, the company Rising said yesterday, in view of the company hired several Kaspersky Forum Communications and the gunmen, the company on the Rising up to 9 months of malicious attacks, the company announced Rising, offering a reward of one million yuan to the community to continue to solicit relevant evidence. Was limited to collecting the evidence, on behalf of Kaspersky Labs Forum Communications Rising attacks and forum gunmen (including some of the moderator), on the forum slander, attack behavior Rising commercial contracts, organizational planning, communication, correspondence and tasks , remuneration and other information that the specific approach will reward announced in recent days.

Kaspersky still remain silent

Rising said in a statement, will be asking for more evidence, filed an international lawsuit against Kaspersky, and related media company forum, forums gunmen (including some of the moderator) sued the company and personal commitments related to civil and Criminal and all legal responsibility and compensate all the economic losses.

20, said in a statement on the incident will not make any response to the Kaspersky Chinese companies still remain silent yesterday.

Kaspersky newspaper reporter called the marketing department of China, a dish lady told reporters that at present the company's statement did not make any response Rising. Chinese companies in the Kaspersky site, the reporter saw only 20 issued on "Kaspersky response to killing Rising card" statement, and on May 22 released "Kaspersky not manslaughter China Taiwan Area Windows XP, cause system crashes explanatory notes. "

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Saturday, October 9, 2010

2007 College Graduates in Beijing reached 200 000

In 2007, college graduates in Beijing will reach 20 million more a year for the number of people in recent years. By the end of more than graduates of the departments concerned will hold job fairs.

A Beijing University graduate career center person in charge, according to the forecast center in 2007, college graduates in Beijing will reach 20 million. Centre will be "home venue Beijing Student employment Recruitment, Beijing College Graduates Employment Information Network and satellite remote platform" that integrates the three major service resources, provided for the 2007 graduates, including venues Shuangxuan Hui, online recruitment, promotion and video information dissemination, personalized recommendations and agency recruitment and other services.

December 2, Beijing College Graduates Career Guidance Center Exhibition Hall in Haidian District, "2007 session of Electronics and Information graduates and employers Shuangxuan Hui", mainly for the 2007 session in Beijing Electronic Information College graduates. Participants is expected to reach more than 300 employers.

According to report, before the end of this year, agreed to by the Beijing Municipal Education Commission, Municipal Personnel Bureau approved a large-scale employers and graduates Shuangxuan Hui will reach 15 games.

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Beautiful hand experience with lighting effects with the old photo magic

Some old old photos scanned into the computer after the general feeling some regret, how to get them back up bright? Let us restore memories? Fortunately, this work in today's highly developed digital technology, we can use of light and shadow Magic hand, to play its functional effects. Draw a beautiful picture was born from our mouse!

銆怐ownload銆?shadow magic hands (nEO iMAGING) full version

First, understand the magic of light and shadow magic hand function

Shadow magic hand is a right-hand man with digital photos, popular among photography fans. Use of light and shadow magic hands can easily post a photo processing, such as a photo color, exposure, brightness, curves, hue adjustment and so on. In addition, light and shadow magic hand has also provided us with some common photo effects, such as reversal film effect, treatment effect studio portraits, old photo effects. And other digital photo processing software, like light and shadow magic hands can also add some special photo border effects. After learning how to use light and shadow magic hands, we do not have to learn such complex large Photoshop image processing software can easily handle on the photo.

Second, scanning old photos into the computer

Scanner is a high-precision optical integrated image capture device, the device will be detected by optical light signal is converted to electrical signals, then signals through the analog / digital converter converts the computer can display, edit, store and output in digital format. DC purchased a digital camera users also need the scanner, because if only with a digital camera to shoot pictures, the effect is not good scanner. And now the price is very cheap scanner, worth a purchase. Have a scanner (Figure 1), we derive greater life would be much fun!

Figure 1 buy scanners a good idea

When correctly installed the scanner driver, in the hands of shadow magic select "File" 鈫?"Get Picture" 鈫?"from Twain devices," will then open the window shown in Figure 2, we select the scanner device. For scanning and then set up a folder, you can see the scan window shown in Figure 3. Operation along the wizard can scan old photos into the computer, waiting to be processed.

Figure 2, select the scanner device

Figure 3 is scanning photos

3, modified so bright up old photos

1. General features

Lighting magic hands and other commonly used image processing software, can be cut on the photos, adjust levels and curves and other conventional features.

(1) size of the adjustment

Photo size and direction of the adjustment is frequently used functions can be in the hands of shadow magic, "Image" menu to achieve these effects, such as on the photo zoom, rotate, mirror, cutting edge and so on and expand.

(2) of the conventional picture adjustment

The photos that we may need to adjust the color aspects of conventional, such as Levels, curves, color balance, white balance, hue, brightness and exposure, etc., these features can be through "adjustment" under the corresponding menu command to achieve.

Because these features and operation of the common image processing software has, I believe we are easy to use, and light and shadow magic hand to provide a visual effect of the adjustment, it will not go into.

2. Lighting effects magic hands

In addition to these common features, we are more concerned about the lighting magic hand in dealing with aspects of the old photo effects, such as digital fill light by light, reversal film, negative red, black and white, blur, sharpen, noise reduction, and the portrait style of dealing with so, these features are available through the "effect" under the corresponding menu command to achieve.

(1) fill light and reduce optical digital

If the old photos dark, feeling light enough, you can use digital light dimmer function to fill easily correct these deficiencies. Open a photo it dark, and then select the "effect" 鈫?"Digital fill light" command. In the pop-up "fill light" dialog box can fill a photo light processing, in the "range of options" option to set up a photo light range, a value larger photo of the fill light on the scope of the greater; "fill brightness "option is set to complement the intensity of light, we can photograph the actual brightness level adjustment of these parameters (Figure 4).

Figure 4 for the old digital photos fill light

(2) punching effect

On the handling of the photographs also include the simulation of a number of slides, negatives, black and white photographs and other effects. "Slides" is a film in a highly artistic effect of the film, also called positive. General digital camera photos only have negative effects, if you want to your own photos into the effect of slides, use light and shadow magic hand of the "slides" command can be easily implemented.

Open a need to address the photo, then select the "effect" 鈫?"reversal film effect" command. In the dialog you can set the slides in contrast, shadow, specular color, if you select the "portrait" option is also available on the character of the head to optimize the processing (Figure 5). In addition, you can create slides in addition to other effects, we can easily create a negative impulse, black and white and red positive negative effects, these effects of the production method is simple, simply execute the corresponding menu command can be realized.

Figure 5 shows the effect of old photographs generated slides

(3) Portrait Treatment

If you find old photographs of the portrait is not satisfactory, but also be able to handle landscaping portrait photos, such as portrait white, buff, yellow back to red-eye, etc.. This old photo of the characters become more young, beautiful, and old photographs of the environment match, complement each other more!

Open a photo portraits need to be addressed, and then select the "effect" 鈫?"Portrait Beauty" command, open the "Portrait Beauty" dialog box (Figure 6). In this dialog, we can carry out resurfacing of the characters deal with, but also can increase the level of people face a bright, white can also use the "scope" option to control the size of the face to deal with the portrait, if I select "soften" Options can also deal with people face to soft. Compared with the complexity of Photoshop, use light and shadow magic hands relatively easy to operate.

Figure 6 for portrait beauty operation

(4) Other features

In addition, we can also operate on the figures for black and white, which for old photographs, especially old black and white photos quite useful. Studio portrait style can also use the simulation, while for the yellow race of people back the yellow function is very effective when dealing with a photo assistant (select "effect" 鈫?"More Portrait deal" 鈫?"Portrait faded yellow"). Some of the features on the other, due to space reasons, it is impossible to introduce. We can try on their own, will be able to find in the software used for their practical functions.


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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Model: shipbuilding profound changes

Zai on Strengthening the Work Committee for National Defense, a modern shipbuilding mode guiding opinion that the establishment of a modern shipbuilding mode to speed up China's shipbuilding industry is taking a new road to industrialization strategic choice has a direct Guanjiwoguo shipbuilding enterprise survival and development of an urgent task.
Transfer model, the terminology unique to the Chinese shipbuilding industry has been popular in the industry for over ten years. Today, the "transfer mode," meaning the word has been much more extensive "modeling" replaced the word.
Early 80s of last century, when the Chinese people not paying attention to the international shipbuilding market, the surprised to find that Japan and other advanced shipbuilding countries, shipbuilding was incredibly short period, as the building block as they ship, actually can be made separately for each seamlessly integrate a sub. This ship, then a short period, and efficient. At that time, the Dalian shipyard, Jiangnan Shipyard, Hudong Shipyard, Guangzhou Shipyard, China's first batch of such undertaking in accordance with international norms of export vessels constructed, all Biezuliaojin like a go. However, after the start, the shipyard shipbuilding in the traditional way, inefficient, slow, have faced pressure shipment, Delivery serious delays. At this point, behind the ship model has become a constraining the development of China's shipbuilding industry "bottleneck." China's shipbuilding enterprises are to enter the international market, we must ship model innovation.
Can be said that China's shipbuilding industry, shipbuilding transfer mode is being "driven to revolt," the. Duty to job categories to Xian Pu steel keel way ride rib made on the ship for nearly a century of Chinese shipbuilding people, all at once can not meet the new shipbuilding methods, their recognition and acceptance of the new model has undergone a bit of running process. At that time, some enterprises invited experts and professors from Japan advanced shipbuilding methods, but they did not see a few students in class. China Shipbuilding transfer mode is in the old habits, old ways and old thinking gradually gained the upper hand in battle, and who has become the consensus of shipbuilding.
Transfer mode, it helps the ship were actually tasted the sweetness.
However, the model is changed shipbuilding common problem of low production efficiency, to the shipbuilding industry has ever been brought new changes and the obvious benefit.
Dalian Shipbuilding Industry in the establishment of a modern shipbuilding mode, from the technical depth to the production and management levels, from local into the system and overall, from emotional to rational, shipbuilding shortened cycle, shipbuilding output in 2005 ranked first in the country.
Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Base in the new building, put a new ship models on the primacy of software and hardware of modern shipbuilding mode simultaneously building a project fully completed and commissioned only two years, the shipbuilding total domestic production alone accounts for Yield 1 / 5, and nurture the world-renowned new ship.
However, the establishment of a modern shipbuilding mode should adhere to the consolidation, expansion, pragmatic, innovative approach. Consolidation is to consolidate the shipbuilding mode conversion has been made in the initial results, the original "transfer mode" work based on the goal of advancing to a higher stage; extension is to enable the establishment of the modern shipbuilding mode from the technical aspects of the system, mechanism level expansion, from shipbuilding to the design institutes and manufacturers to extend collaboration; pragmatic, is to do solid work, and put in place to establish the effectiveness of the implementation of modern shipbuilding mode to reduce shipbuilding cycle, increase productivity and economic performance; innovation is to the establishment of the modern shipbuilding model as an important part of technology innovation, through the creation of modern shipbuilding mode, and comprehensively promote technological innovation, management innovation and system innovation.

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

China's attitude towards certain of HL7

China's introduction of HL7 as an inevitable, and the deployment of HL7 HL7 CDA is an entry point for the hospital.

July 12, Beijing Institute of Hospital Management has organized the Second Conference, the meeting attendees introduced HL7 CDA. The first to HL7 (Healthcare Layer Seven) standard into China, Peking University, Professor Zhou Zijun announced at the meeting of a new change: the Ministry of Health Statistical Information Center deputy director Wang have been elected President of the preparation of the HL7 China, he himself and Health Department of Hospital Management Institute will be jointly elected Vice-Ming Liang.

Wang only said: "The current standard of national health information needs are urgent. On the HL7 China to restructure, is an important thing." HL7 China in the first 15 members of the unit, including two hospitals - People's Liberation Army General Hospital, Beijing Union Medical College Hospital.

HL7 is the United States Organization for Standardization (American National Standards, ANSI) accredited standards development organization Health Information (Standards Developing Organizations, SDOs) specializing in clinical and management data exchange standards development. HL7 has gone through 10 years of history, its membership is drawn from suppliers, developers, users, and government advisory bodies. HL7 is a non-profit volunteer organization, but the deployment of HL7 HL7 medical institutions are required to pay the necessary fees.

Wang introduced only after the last few years of exploration, China's health information technology departments and hospitals, public health information specialists to recognize that China is not possible nor necessary to start exploring a new set of health information exchange standards. "The main push of SNOMED compared to the British standard, HL7 is a more economical and practical choice close to the hospital in China."

"China is an inevitable trend in the introduction of international standards." Fourth Military Medical University, Department of Statistics Director, Professor Xu Yongyong said, "HL7 is the essence of the expression of the information into a structured XML data, address data exchange issues. China is now focused on the development of information own norms and standards. "

The establishment of HL7 China also means that China will draw on international standards, "production and operational" mode. Wang only that the current organization of the Ministry of Health led the formulation of health information standards for research, are still the way to the project, the lack of long-term mechanism to protect the standard of promotion, operation.

The HL7 a marked maturity, "HL7 is working to promote the integration of a series of HL7 standards as the ISO sub-standards, including HL7 v2.5, v3, and the HL7 CDA release2." IBM Global Healthcare Industry Standards Project Leader Dr. Jilll Kaufman . IBM HL7 China as a member of the Committee, the HL7 specialized field of invited senior experts worldwide, nearly a hundred medical industry for the domestic information technology training for people to do. Dr. Jill Kaufman long-term focus on HL7, is a HL7 CDA (Clinical Document Architecture, Clinical Document Architecture) standard, one of the important authors. CDA standardized clinical electronic document exchange process in the data structure, the successful implementation of HL7 is a very important factor. CDA is a three-tier structure, the current majority of hospitals are still in the implementation of the first layer. Jill recommends "China Hospital, started from the first floor, which is a standard for electronic document data structure with the first segment (header). This general hospital is very simple."

Open standards, IBM Greater China program director Lin Xuguang said: "HL7 standards is a very powerful, but the country should start from where the deployment of HL7? Our proposal is, CDA is a very good starting point."

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

FREEHAND instance - Drawing Football

FREEHAND instance - Drawing Football

Today we use Freehand to draw a football through the examples are familiar with image and fish eye tools.

1, first page, place the two intersect in the auxiliary line, and open the Snap to Guides and Snap to Point 2; double-click the polygon tool, enter the number of edges of 5, by ok exit (Figure 1).

2, hold down Alt + Shift, so the mouse position and auxiliary line intersection, then pulled out of a regular pentagon rule, and confirm that the top fixed-point "paste" in the vertical auxiliary line. (Figure 2)

3, then start from the point of intersection along the vertical line segment supporting line drawing, remember to exceed the Pentagon's highest point, beyond the specific length is not particularly important, looks and pentagons of the sideline almost long on it. (Figure 3)

4, clone pentagon, and then rotate 180 掳, drag it up so that the node is just the bottom line of the endpoint contacts, filling the two pentagons is black. (Figure 4) to select the two pentagons and line segments, and then use the Group command building group.

5, we now need to set about mirroring tool, when you double-click the tool, the interface appears in Figure 5. Set the image type is Multiple, the number is 5, the option to Rotate, press ok out.

6, move the mouse to the center of a pentagon, as Snap to Point is open, so the mouse to move to the center marked by the image tool into the mouse with a black box style. When you see this style, immediately press the mouse will get four copies. Figure 6

7, plotted in Figure 7, the additional red tag line, which is like a bridge connecting pentagon. Then select all the graphics, to build group.


8, create a new layer, hold down Alt + Shift and then drag from the point of intersection of a perfect circle, remember: This round will not draw more than the previous graphic. (Figure 8) temporarily lock this layer, make the following changes do not affect it.

9, now under the fish-eye tool set, double-click the fish-eye tool you can see in Figure 9 the settings window, set the value of Convex 100, according to exit ok.

10, distorted graphics in your front, slightly moving about, so off-center. Can skip this step, make graphics just show in the center, it all depends on your needs. (Figure 10)

11, in the fish-eye tool selected, press and hold Alt + Shift drag up from the center and outside of the circular stapler. After the release of the mouse can get a smooth surface of the football. (Figure 11)

12, select the graphics, using cut command temporarily cut to the clipboard, and then select the circle (unlock), press the Paste Inside to paste the original graphics. Thus, almost complete. (Figure 12)

13, select the circle, remove the external contour, and then apply the circular radiation gradient. (Figure 13)

Finally, add some random effects, such as increasing the relief effect, make it look deep. (Figure 14)


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Instant Video Autorun

This video player will automatically load and play videos from your CD and DVD. Your Media does not have to be in standard formats to play. It will play any videos it finds in CD or DVD drives. great instant autorun for your video media CDs. If you plan on making a video CD for commercial or Free distribution you may put this small file along with your content and your Video CDs and DVDs will automatically play at insertion, just do not forget to incude Autorun.inf in your CDs. There is a special Autorun.inf generator button on the buttom right of the screen. So all you have to do is copy this program with Autorun.inf to the root of your CDs along with your video and your Video CDs will automatically play anywhere in the world. This program is Shareware but your audiance will be able to use the program till the end of the trial even if your trial is over, nag free. If you register the program and have an unlock code you are not authorized to distribute unlock code with any copies you may distribute of the program. your customers must obtain their own unlock codes. This version here is Free of any ad support.